About Medbusiness:
Medbusiness is an independent consulting company, represented by Jørgen Folkersen, MD, Dr.Sc. and associated business partners and experts. He has spent 11 years in the pharmaceutical industry, 8 years in the diagnostics industry, 4 years with HTA (Health technology assessment), and 8 years in basic medical biochemistry research. He holds a doctor of science degree in medical biochemistry on top of his formal medical education. -Link to CV and publication list.

Company references:


Medical scientific business support, more
- International KOL interactions and cooperations
- Pharmaceutical product value optimization
- Scientific gatekeeing
- Clinical trial design
- Medical scientific writing

Market access support
- Regulatory requirements in Scandinavia (DK, NO, SE)
- New global value dossiers or national reimbursement applications
- to Scandinavian key opinion leaders -read more…

- The new paradigms in medical decision making
- How to balance "service" and "branding" with "medical science"
- How to deal with new barriers for marketing and sale of pharmaceuticals
- How to integrate KOL-management and market access strategies

- see lectures

Information and debate

-Is “HTA” a driver of sale?
...read more

-Trends in medical decision making
read more

-Different perspectives in medical decision making…read more

-What is EBM (Evidence Based Medicine)
.. read more

-What is HTA (Health Technology assessment)
.. read more


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