"Top-down" sale of pharmaceuticals
New challenges and barriers to conventional sale of pharmaceuticals. Key opinion leader communication. Key opinion leader identification. Stakeholder specific attitudes. History and rationale. New opportunities for Medical liasons and KAM's. How to ballance "services", "branding" and medical science.

Evidence Based Medicine and Quality Assessment of clinical science papers
History and rationale. Critical assessment of literature. Evidence ranking. Pro’s, con’s and limitations. National variations and cross border impact. Stakeholder specific attitudes

Introduction to Health Technology Assessment and the new medical decision paradigms
New public management and the story of HTA. International HTA-regulations and bodies. Practical use of HTA in medical decision making. International and Scandinavian links ot HTA institutions and reports.The concept of “mini-HTA”.

Introduction to Health Economy
Health Economic methods and concepts. Examples. Link to Health Economic assessments/modelling.

Organisation of the Danish Health Care System relevant to pharmaceutical companies
Governmental bodies and institutions and their role in reimbursement and market regulation. Regionalisation of decisions. Key opinion leader identification. Regulatory framework for hospital pharmaceuticals. Health political practice and financial key-figures.

Scientific infrastructure needs in pharmaceutical companies
The new decision paradigms require a more proactive scientific market intelligence, and delegation of gatekeeper responsibility, together with regular scientific literature searches and extraction of important market intelligence. Practical and organisational tools are presented to establish the necessary infrastructure to comply with these needs to ensure maximal competitive edge.

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